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Why YSK: We have a significant number of users now, and yet the amount of content to scroll through is still fairly small. This is because not all users are the same, and while the majority prefer to lurk, and a much smaller minority prefer to comment, the percentage that really likes making posts, memes, art, rants, videos etc is extremely small.

One way that we can all assist with this is to simply make content ourselves. But even if you don’t want to do that, you can still help by finding productive creators elsewhere on the internet and telling them about us.

Many reddit users are still simply unaware that we exist. They don’t know that there is a community of consumers here, waiting for content. They don’t know that if you can navigate reddit, then you can navigate this. Lemmy is just not as complicated as it can sound at first.

So, if you want, simply invite them. Give them a link to a community down here that would fit the content they like to produce, and let them know we’d love to have them. Because we really would love to have them. Let them know that you, as a fan, would love to see them here. After all, wouldn’t you?

Thanks for reading.