• @VirtualOdour
    13 months ago

    We also need to start using tech to lower our cost of living and our dependence on corporations, these tools are making open source and community projects much easier so combined with local microfabrication we’ll be able to create the things we need for ourselves.

    I already barely watch anything made by a corporation and manage to keep informed and entertained, I use my computer for everything from coding to video editing and CAD design without using proprietary software. the tools are getting constantly better and with ai coding tools helping the devs that’s only going to increase, it’s helped speed up my coding hugely.

    When ai is capable of replacing meaningful amounts of jobs it’ll be able to hugely improve the productivity of anyone doing anything positive for community projects but also the cost to compete will continue to fall, we’ve seen this happen endlessly with giant monopolies losing the market to swarms of smaller businesses undercutting with better products especially in niche roles.

    Huge retail giants have crumbled simply because internet marketplaces make it easy for a hundred garage run business to undercut them, the customer gets better products and the person earns more and lives a better life than if they’d been working for the big corp.

    Maplins is a great example, I don’t know if you had them in the US but they sold electrical stuff like components, gadgets and batteries but their choice was painfully bad and prices ridiculous compared to even just the early ebay that destroyed them.

    Here in the west things were pretty good because we exploited 2/3rds of the world for cheap labour and easy resources, I get people would love to get back to that but the world largely due to improved education and communication through tech is moving away from that which is why one person working a low paid job in the US can no longer afford the labour output of a 100 impoverished 3rd world workers. Personally I prefer a world where everyone is equal and comfortable but maybe that’s just me.

    The only way things will get better is by going forward, we can’t go back and there are no other paths open to us - use tech to lower the cost of living and to depower the monopolies.