• @VirtualOdour
    13 months ago

    It’s not really about the ai making a complete movie though it’s about emerging tools allowing creators to make their vision.

    But yes they’ll be making complete movies every bit as enjoyable as marvel sooner than you can imagine. And movies with emotion and message that speak to people on deep levels, that’s really not as hard as you might want to think.

    And yes we do, making movies is just an easy to play with toy the real work is going to understand these tools so we can use them to do things like generative design of 3d printable items to set metrics so you can just say ‘my dishwasher broke’ and it’ll look at the photo, analyze the problem, design a replacement and offer fabrication options. That’s the sort of thing this leads to, being able to have repairable and upgradable hardware, being able to customize your life and live better for cheaper.

    It’s a world where the impoverished that used to toil in sweatshops so we could have cheap clothes can get world class education in their first language with questions answered and conceps demonstrated using examples they can understand and with clear and well constructed visual aids. Allowing them to create the things they need to improve their lives and recreate the local sustainability we tore from them.

    If this allows someone with a fascinating life story and perspective to express themselves and create their vision then it’s a great thing, I’m looking forward to seeing random movies from obscure areas of the world and I won’t miss corporate and polished made by the numbers Hollywood the slightest bit.