It’s not really broken, couldn’t get the microphone to work with any program

  • @azvasKvklenko
    21 month ago

    Around 12 years ago, I was able to break Debian or Ubuntu installs on weekly basis due to certain packages being too old, something being missing from repos so being forced to compile stuff manually, dealing with junky 3rd party repos etc. Then after switching, I hardly ever messed anything on Arch while also spending less time tweaking it than I did with Ubuntu. Even if I did break something, it was my fault. And it’s not that I cannot handle Debian-based OS installs if I have to. I think those systems are fine if they work for you by default and stock repos contain everything you need (and it’s usually enough for servers) The problem is, it’s not always like that and you just have to add some custom package (prepared by you or someone else) every once in a while, not necessarily with an official support. This is just plain easier on Arch.