Not an official announcement, but it’s probably safe to assume an Xbox handheld is in development.

  • @Kecessa
    21 month ago

    Their competition is the Deck and other handhelds that run full versions of Windows, there’s no reason to believe they wouldn’t give it the same kind of capacities (i.e. a real handheld PC) in which case it’s the Deck that will feel like a walled garden considering that not all games are compatible and not all launchers work on it.

    I say that as a Deck owner that plays with it pretty much once a day.

    • @[email protected]
      31 month ago

      I’ve heard from some others that there was a version of Windows (I’m blanking on which one) that worked great on tiny computers, so if they were to revive the project, it could be a really viable competitor.

      The other handhelds that run Windows suffer from it being too much of a traditional PC first and not having enough “console” in them, from what I hear. Can’t say from first hand experience, though, since I also own a Deck.

      Either way, time will tell what eventually comes out of that brief sentiment.

      • @Kecessa
        81 month ago

        Yep, Windows 8 had a mobile/tablet version.

        I also mentioned in another comment that they could simply do the same thing as with the Deck, have it start with a handheld/controller friendly UI (hmmm where could Microsoft’s Xbox division find that?) and give the option to switch to regular old Windows to do desktop stuff. It’s not as if playing on the desktop without a mouse and keyboard attached to the Deck is a fun experience either!