• @ricecake
    171 month ago

    Man, if they could get sign off to use the Olympics logo, it would more than make up for donating almost any number of condoms just in advertising options.

    Side by side shots of different pairs of pole vaulters flopping onto their landing mats. Scenes of different sports, starting with slow ones and cuts to different ones. Slowly, it starts to jump to faster sports, where the athletes are making more vocalizations, by the end it’s just a focus on curlers furiously brooming while they all do their excited yells of joy and then a moment of silence while we zoom in on some shotput throwers faces just as they’re throwing, and then cut to a rapid series of divers splashing into the water, audio overlay of a soccer commentator screaming “goal”, and then a pan across the cheering crowd. “Trojex: for when the world comes together”, with five overlapping condoms in the background, fading to the Olympic logo.

    • @[email protected]
      1 month ago

      “I just came. Bring the spare pants into my office, Christina!”

      -some marketing executive somewhere (probably)