Colorado congressional candidate and sitting State Rep. Richard Holtorf ® received a tough grilling this week at the hands of local 9News anchor Kyle Clark over his apparent hypocrisy when it comes to abortion rights.

Holtorf made headlines back in January when he defended paying for his girlfriend’s abortion, despite being an adamant pro-life lawmaker and abortion critic. “Anti-abortion GOP lawmaker praises the impact of the abortion he paid for,” read the headline of a local report by Clark from the beginning of the year.

To his credit, Holtorf sat down with Clark to discuss the issue.

  • @ricecake
    91 month ago

    I want to agree with you, but… We have decades of that just not working.

    Anyone able to be persuaded by what you’re describing would have been persuaded by the obvious hypocrisy of the answer itself.

    Mockery is a rhetorical device that can be persuasive, and we don’t always need to be nice to people when their open hypocrisy is destroying lives.