• @[email protected]
    212 days ago

    They’ll never reply because it’s just to see if you respond, and if you do does it sound like you own the property.


    Stop texting me

    Just means the number is in service, which makes it worth a little more.

    I’m not selling

    Means it’s a real number and belongs to the property owner. They verified your name, address. And lots of shit and tied it to your number. You phone number is now worth a (relatively) lot of money when sold to other spammers.

      12 days ago

      Jokes on them, I like getting scammer calls and fucking with them. My favorite was when a scammer called me from a German phone number (I’m in Canada). I answered by yelling “NEIN, NEIN, NEIN, NEIN!”. My family looked at me like I was crazy lmao.