• @Makeshift
    310 months ago

    The point is, they are fueled by money. That money comes from people who demand what they offer. If they don’t profit from the demand, they’re not going to keep supplying.

    Every purchase we all make came from somewhere. Researching every little detail of everything we buy is mentally taxing and just not feasible, and most people depend on products that are unethically produced. Often times alternatives are unfeasible or inconvenient, so we accept the unethical things in exchange for our personal needs/wants.

    We are ALL the problem. Yes, corporations are a big problem. So are the people who buy what they sell. It’s easy to do absolutely nothing and blame someone else. It’s hard to accept being a part of the machine and not only advocate for others to help change, but also change oneself.

    Change needs to come from ALL directions. It will not come if people just cry about evil CEOs while said evil CEOs are still making bank off of the very same people that are crying. They’re still getting the only thing they actually care about from the exchange. Profit.

    • @[email protected]OP
      110 months ago

      I think this is discounting the fact how companies over time have pushed consumerism - as well as constantly creating new needs through marketing (think halitosis and mouthwash or diamond wedding rings)

      While I agree that everyone has a responsibility in fixing our current economic climate, we’re only here because of the manipulation of greedy corporations in the first place.