Release schedule:

Friday, September 1: Episodes 1-3 “A Taste of Solitude,” “Strangers and Friends,” and “What Might Be”
Friday, September 8: Episode 4 “Daughters of the Night”
Friday, September 15: Episode 5
Friday, September 22: Episode 6
Friday, September 29: Episode 7
Friday, October 6: Episode 8

  • boletus
    611 months ago

    Halo tv show was terrible, even as a non halo show.

    But comparing it with the games and the book, it shits on any established elements, making every character unrecognisable, rewriting everything including well established lore and so on. The moment I saw “Reach city” I knew the rest of it was going to be terrible and yeah it really was terrible.

    It was a poorly written irrelevant TV show, not really based on anything established in the franchise, and only using Halo as set dressing.

    Only good thing about it was that the armours looked really nice.

    • MrJukes
      311 months ago

      They thought showing master cheeks would distract us from simply taking his helmet off. I guess they weren’t wrong?