Draft! Work in Progress! Feedback welcome!

Tens of thousands of people have signed up for KBin and Lemmy accounts since I first published “Don’t tell people “it’s easy”,” hundreds of new instances have been created, and “the threadiverse” is suddenly a hot topic of conversation… Of course, it hasn’t all gone smoothly, but the opportunity isn’t going away.

  • @sneakyninjapants
    159 months ago

    Great read. I’m expecting the next wave of Redditors on June 30th after their 3rd party app stop working. And update! I think the threadiverse has broken 200K signups as of today. Definitely an explosion from even a month ago. Thanks for linking here too OP, I love seeing these interesting articles written by smaller publications. That’s something I’ve always loved about Hacker News, and seeing it here is simply awesome!