I usually sort by TopDay, but recently it will load that when i refresh, then shortly after it will start scrolling down with what look like all the new posts. A bunch of posts with one upvote.

Would be nice if it didn’t scroll like this and maybe just updated a number ticker at the top letting you know how many new posts there will be when you refresh.

Anyways… Is anyone else experiencing this, and is there going to be a fix anytime soon?

  • @annegreen
    28 months ago

    I’ll sometimes experience this, but it’s inconsistent. Other times I’ll be able to scroll as normal.

    • @sneakyninjapants
      38 months ago

      I usually see it in Hot sorting, but to answer your question, it’s a bug in the frontend that will be ironed out soon. Coming in the next update (0.18). See linked GH Issue