I’ve been working on a bot to automate crossposting from a given subreddit to a given Lemmy community. It’s pretty basic and not very well tested but it’s working if anyone wants to try it out.

For now it relies on the Reddit API because it has a handy streaming object and I didn’t know you could just go to a subs homepage and append “.json” to the URL

Features right now:

  • Watches a sub and posts to Lemmy as new posts come in
  • Pulls images and videos from third party hosts and includes them in posts
  • Copies titles and selftexts

With this we can close the “content gap” between Reddit and Lemmy, similar to everyone posting Digg content to Reddit as Digg died due to checks notes corporate mismanagement at efforts to monetize. Huh.

Comment, fork, star, open issues and enjoy.

  • @greensky
    51 year ago

    Comments are often more valuable than posts. Keeping an archive of posts and comments on Lemmy can be valuable.