What little things have you implemented to reduce the cognitive overload of life and/or stay organised?

Some random ones of mine:

  1. “Formulas” to fall back on - outfit formula for when I don’t want to think about what to wear, making dinner formula (repetition of what ingredients I buy, very similar meals just with key components changed around)

  2. On the clothes - I prioritise black clothes so that I can throw together outfits easily. I have lots of variants of black top + black bottom.

  3. Write things down somewhere. Immediately. I use thougt capturing apps/ software like Google keep, obsidian but also have used bullet journals or just notebooks with page numbers. I’m currently building a note on obsidian with important info for things I always need to refer to at random times like national insurance number.

  4. Always label files on computer in a logical way. Avoid the urge to name things sjdudnskao as this will only come back to haunt you!

  5. Use lots of key words in emails to myself that I know I will want to search for later.

  6. Assign a specific dumping area for my important stuff that I need to grab in mornings while getting ready for work.

  7. Organise physical items based on being able to easily access them / see them. Many people, me included, need things to be visible otherwise the organisation just doesn’t work. I use Marie kondo tips to do this and also lots of tips from neurodivergent groups on fb. I actually try and stack my fridge like Marie kondo stacks clothes. Basically store what I can upright like books rather than one on top of the other. I only “hide” things when I have multiple items and then put the current one to use at the front.

Aaand many more. This is just what came to mind now.

  • @kakes
    10 months ago

    Edit: Completely missed which community this is in. I guess the real life hack is to slow down and read things before adding your two cents lol. Oh well, I’ll keep my post here anyway - I stand by it.

    When microwaving leftover pizza, spray (or pour) water on it. People will look at you weird for doing it, but I haven’t had a bland, dried-out leftover pizza in years, so joke’s on them.

    This also applies to most microwaveable things, honestly. Microwaves are designed to target water molecules, so not only will it taste better, it’ll cook faster and more thoroughly.

    I used to keep a little spray bottle by the microwave, but over time I just started using the tap.

    • @JujuOPM
      310 months ago

      Nice tip anyway!