For context, I want to run a small personal gig (offering stuff on Patreon). Nothing too fancy.

In order to do that, I would need to use the Adobe suite, Windows, some audio and video effects, all requiring a commercial license.

In theory, I start to make money. How would Microsoft and Adobe know that I don’t pay for their software?

If I use some audio effects, how would their owners even be able to tell / find my work? We’re talking about basic sound effect, like rain, door knocks etc.

I’ve always been confused by this

  • @MomoTimeToDie
    17 months ago

    How do you even tell the difference between a licensed vs unlicensed windows install?

    • Endorkend
      17 months ago

      Because pirated versions will be running a VLK license while there is no VLK subscription on file or run a KMS software to fake the authentication of licenses.

      Or in some cases, just run pure unlicensed and Windows will tell you on the desktop itself that the copy is unlicensed.

      If inspected, you have to prove you have the correct licenses.

      In some cases you’ll be allowed to just buy the licenses there and then, but if you’ve been running dozens of unlicensed copies or dozens of straight up illegal copies (with faked/cracked/stolen licenses), they’ll put the hammer down and you’ll be audited in detail to the point they’ll end up billing AND fining you for every piece of software you’ve used in your entire history.