Finally some good news! I’ve been waiting for quite a while for such a ruling.

Edit: Seems this cites an article from 2012, I didn’t notice that (and it’s still news to me). Though there’s still hope that it’ll happen, EU is slow, but usually eventually gets shit done.

  • @Grass
    -16 months ago

    I bought every ace attorney game on each of their first digital incarnations, including vs Layton and daigyakuten japanese copies when the devs said they would probably never do an English release, and I also bought them again on steam as they became available. As a result I have played all the ones on steam twice and likely will not ever again. I would never sell them.

    Games that can be completed in a short time if you have already learned things from a previous playthrough wouldn’t stop me if the game was any fun to begin with. I don’t do competition or actual timed runs, but I love practicing speedrunning and sequence breaking tech. I would never sell a Zelda game or fromsoft game for this reason especially.

    The witness was honestly an entirely… ‘unfun’ game to my tastes, and the sequence for getting achievement 2 was fucking terrible and I couldn’t do it. To be fair the progression and means of learning what to do were good. Most of the time the puzzles were either easy or I couldn’t figure them out for a chunk of time, only to figure it out and think that either the puzzle or myself were stupid depending on which. The ending hidden by lack of knowledge/experience with the ouzzles at the beginning thing was kinda neat but also quite annoying. An all around weird game that I have sorted in the ‘???’ category along with Stanley parable. I still don’t think I’d sell it unless someone I didn’t hate really wanted it and for whatever reason couldn’t afford whatever it costs at the time. Even then I’d sooner share my library.