Announced in early August and initially planned for the end of the month, the Fedora Asahi Remix distribution is finally here for those who want to install the Fedora Linux operating system on their Apple Silicon Macs.

The distro is based on the latest Fedora Linux 39 release and ships with the KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS desktop environment by default, using Wayland.

  • @Grass
    -47 months ago

    Exactly the drivel they want you to believe. I’m sorry but even if 8gb of ram performs like 16gb on other computers, which is a load of hot shit, it shouldn’t cost more than 32gb on other computers. The markup on parts for basic specs config is utterly insane. I highly doubt the average apple used actually benefits from the top single thread performance, and all of humanity’s battery tech is still awful at it’s best both in capability and environmental impact, not to mention capability per dollar.

    I have used apple hardware and software from the beige plastic days until the first laptops, and tried out Mac os and ios every major update, and found it to be entirely unenjoyable even when ignoring what is essentially DRM for hardware components on the phones forcing you to pay for repairs when it’s an easy diy otherwise.

    Really the apple elitism is bizarre beyond belief. You get to be in the cool dude club for getting scammed into paying 3-5 times the cost of each individual component you can choose higher version of in there config before buying. It’s like the million dollar gold bar app on early app store, except apple wants to be the only one making that kind of easy money off of their users.

    • TragicNotCute
      57 months ago

      Overpriced for what they are? Agreed. Weird elitism from some of the user base? Absolutely.

      You sound almost as zealous when you say:

      tried out Mac os and ios every major update, and found it to be entirely unenjoyable

      I get that it’s not for you which is fine, but you tried every release of MacOS and iOS and hated them all? Okay bud.

      • @Grass
        -57 months ago

        I wouldn’t say hated, but definitely possessing of many ui/UX choices that were about as well thought out as how windows had old/new control panel plus the new new settings app and yet everything was still counterintuitive. I merely gave it a chance repeatedly because I ran a computer business up until covid hit and needed basic familiarity, and people kept telling me it was better than everything else and really if you don’t game it mostly is for many workloads, but I still found things to be rather clunky especially system navigation on iOS. Not saying android is better or anything either because while it suits me more, there is so much infuriating dumb shit.

        Basically because of every other offering feeling like it’s ripping me off, Linux being free and having tons of customization beyond simply cosmetic and several people making different solutions to each problem most of the time and also free, coming back to anything else with any combination of hardware, software, and money entry barriers just feels like the worst value proposition possible. Maybe if I was born into wealth and a social media addict I would have been an apple fanboy.

    • @pftbest
      47 months ago

      You talk about high prices however there is no actual competition. High end systems like Dell XPS and others cost the same as M3. You do get some benefits like touch screen or whatever but you get shitty touchpad and 3 hours of battery life.

      In regards to the software I agree macOS is not the best, but maybe you noticed the topic is about Fedora Linux so you do have options now.