This is an incredibly versatile pedal. I got a JHS Pack Rat and after a few hours, I went back to my HM-2 for my default distortion.

  • @cheezoid2
    4 months ago

    Love this one. Some tracks I made people swore there was a synth in there but it was just the HM-2 doing its thing.

    The Waza version is a nice update too, in terms of noise gate etc.

    • Jo MiranOP
      34 months ago

      My grandmother gave away most of my things without asking, when I moved away, including my original “Made in Japan” 1980’s HM-2. I am very happy that Boss made this reissue.

      • @cheezoid2
        14 months ago

        Yeah mine “went missing” during one residence move or another. I like that the reissue has the option to switch between the original and updated modes.