So I recently got my diagnosis and a RitalinLA prescription. I started with 10mg and am now on 20mg. The problem is, that I don’t feel any difference. I don’t take it on weekends, so I have regular references, but everything is still the same. For reference I’m an early twenties male. Did anyone have similar experiences and if so, was it just a dosage issue? Because I feel like there should be some effect at least.

  • @TerraRoot
    44 months ago

    Started ritalin couple of months back, I (40’sM) noticed very little difference, however my wife really notices the difference’s, to me I just kinda feel like it’s a good day with effort, some times I notice minor things like emails being a little easier. The second guessing myself as it wears off is the biggest pain, I’m on 60mg now and will switch up again soon, can’t wait to move onto something that doesn’t need adjustment every 4~5 weeks. In your case, did you notice anything initially? it did work at some point for you? don’t wait to up the dosage, go ahead talk to the doc if needed and go for it, it’s no problem if it’s too much you can go down again.