As ST: DS9 airs its pilot episode, PM airs this 50 minute documentary as a way to spark excitement about the new show. It includes interviews from the cast and contains sneak peaks into the show’s first season.

In the documentary, Farrell (Jadzia Dax) takes the viewer on a tour around the Deep Space 9 sets. The feature also has interviews with the cast, producers, writers and other production staff members and takes a look at the making of “Emissary”.

To my knowledge this was only aired on TV once in 1993, then was released on VHS shortly after in the US and UK, and has never been re-issued on any newer DVD releases.

It just so happens that it was also released in Japan on Laserdisc, and I happened to find it while looking through my collection of discs. To watch this in the best possible quality, I have digitzed, restored, and upscaled this rare find to for viewing on modern devices.

Enjoy! (and download it before it disappears)

Note: For the highest quality viewing experience, download the 1.5GB .mkv file and play it in your software player of choice.

Note: The audio is in English but there are Japanese subtitles in the picture.