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    However, a raft of productivity apps are also due to drop out of support, meaning a double or triple whammy for administrators dealing with upgrades.

    In March 2021, we confronted a serious reality: state sponsored threat actors were targeting on-premises Exchange servers."

    Since then, Microsoft has focused on patching vulnerabilities within Exchange Server but has steadfastly refused to change the end of support date.

    Microsoft also announced at the Ignite 2020 event that it planned to release a versionless on-premises solution dubbed vNext, saying that the upgrade from Skype for Business 2019 to vNext would be smooth, and the new server would be “the easiest path to migrate users to Teams in the future.”

    In 2023, analyst Directions on Microsoft asked a simple question: “Where is Skype for Business vNext?”

    We asked Microsoft about the whereabouts of Skype for Business vNext and will update should the company have any information to share.

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