Hello, Hatsu is a self-hosted Fediverse bridge for static websites.

I recently released version 0.2 with the following features:

Improved RSS compatibility

RSS compatibility was terrible at 0.1.x due to some bugs - should now work with most valid Atom / RSS feeds.

Receive likes & reposts

Hatsu now receives likes and retweets for local posts and outputs them via a mastodon-compatible API.

New comment component

KKna is a new comment component (also written by me) that has Hatsu preset that automatically infer URL.

You can check the integration instructions in the documentation:


(It’s still unstable)

Nix Package

Are you using NixOS / Nix? I am, so I packaged it into NUR and Nixpkgs.

There is no documentation on this at the moment, I will update it later.