The ChatGPT phrase “As of my last knowledge update” appears in several papers published by academic journals.

  • falkerie71
    4 months ago

    So I couldn’t find a membership-free version of this article, and not considering to sign up for another website, so I’m commenting on what I can see. Edit: I signed up with 10 minute mail, it’s an okay article.

    I did the same search on Google Scholar, and it gave me 188 results. A good chunk of it are actually legitimate papers that discuss ChatGPT / AI capabilities and quoted responses from it. Still, a lot of papers that have nothing to do with machine learning have the same text in it, which I’m both surprised and not surprised.

    As FaceDeer pointed out, the amount of papers schools have to churn out each year is astounding, and there are bound to be unremarkable ones. Most of them are, actually. When something becomes a chore, people will find an easier way to get through it. I won’t be surprised if there were actually more papers that use ChatGPT to generate parts of it that didn’t have the quote, students already do that with Wikipedia for their homework before ChatGPT was even a thing, this is just a better version of it. To be fair, it is a powerful tool that aggregates information with a single line of text, and most of the time its reliable. Most of the time. That’s why you have to do your own research and verify its validity afterwards. I have used Microsofts Copilot, and while I do like that it gives me sources, it sometimes still gives me stuff that the original source did not say.

    What I am surprised about is that, the professor, institute, or even the publisher didn’t even think to do the basic amount of verification, and let something so blatantly obvious slip through. Some of the quotes appear right at the beginning of a paragraph, which is just laughable.