I’m taking my first international flight this year. I’ve got my passport and bought the plane tickets. However, I noticed that my middle name on the ticket is missing the last 2 letters. I contacted the airline and they said that middle name doesn’t have to match passport. I just want to make sure that is correct, I don’t want to get stuck at some airport because my middle name is missing 2 letters on the plane tickets.

  • @xmunk
    3 months ago

    So the deal is that they print X characters on tickets for first and middle name and Y more charactersfor the last. As someone with bizarrely long names my middle name often ends up cut in half. You should be fine - the real data associated with your ticket is saved on a server somewhere and there are cultures with multiple middle names that inevitably have far more strange circumstances than you (like names being out of order).

    I wouldn’t stress about it.