• @BudgetBandit
    85 days ago

    Idonnoman, I know kids, huskies… and cats are like a mixture of kids and huskies, and fierce, and so curious that they appear silly. And then they steal the rice directly from the rice cooker and scream in between bites of hot rice….

    • @[email protected]
      35 days ago

      The are little devils, for sure! But that’s what we kinda love about them. I’ve only ever met one really insane cat. She was unfortunately never castrated and was constantly horny but never had a mating partner. She fucking slashed the shit out of her owner, who actually needed treatment in the hospital. The entire face was ravaged, never seen anything like this. Honestly, fuck that owner. Completely unfit to keep a pet. The poor cat had to be put down because she was completely messed up in the head :(