Or “ethical” vs “moral”

  • @xmunk
    19 months ago

    Either you’ve got it backwards or those definitions have effectively flipped. Ethics is the study of what a society finds acceptable - while morals are an internal measure. That is why we consider our own moral compass when making a decision that we know wouldn’t be judged by society at large and why we debate the ethics of laws - I.e. is the death penalty an ethical punishment.

    • danhakimi
      59 months ago

      or those definitions have effectively flipped.

      Did you finish reading my comment?

    • @[email protected]
      49 months ago

      No, they’re correct. Ethics is a branch of philosophy, concerned with defining right or desirable behavior using the same rational foundations as philosophy as a whole.

      Morality tries to answer the same questions, but it’s based on societal customs, inherited beliefs, religion, and similar.