• prole
    1 year ago

    the topic is so valid, that South Park even did an episode on it.

    I’ve seen the episode, and I’m familiar with the situation. I don’t think it warranted a permaban or whatever, but I’m curious as to what the “valid topic” was that South Park was addressing with that situation? That it’s ok to say a racial slur if you think that’s the answer to a Wheel of Fortune puzzle?

    Just seems like more of that, “if we can’t make jokes about literally everything, then none of this works” bullshit that Matt and Trey love to parade around whenever they do something stupid and racist.

    They love to find hide behind, “we were making a point about x,” when in reality, most of the time it’s just an uncreative, hamfisted reference to something offensive. So edgy.

    • I'm back on my BS 🤪
      11 year ago

      I don’t remember the context exactly since it happened months ago, and I have deleted all of my comments and accounts. I could potentially find it through the way back machine if I spent a few hours on it, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort to prove a point. I’m okay with anyone doubting my report or judgment on this.