• Ataraxia
    76 months ago

    We had them in Italy. But we also didn’t have these weird windows. Also stop acting like Europe is a small town on an island.

    • @[email protected]
      6 months ago

      I honestly don’t think of Europe as a small town, I promise- I’m just saying I’ve been in many brilliant countries across Europe and I swear to you that I’ve never seen a screen. Where is the spider protection, I ask you?!

      This should be particularly important, I think, in the Scottish Highlands, land of midges, who want nothing more than to feast on your flesh. Still, not a screen in sight, although I must admit you certifiably need a very fine screen to prohibit those pesky wee bastards. There seems to be a sort of gentlemen’s alliance though because it seems that the midge rarely enters a human dwelling, maybe out of fear of pure Scottish fury, but mark my words … they sit and wait.

      I will digress also that in our defense, Scots do use midge nets when camping unless we’re on our 10th Tennant’s, in which case it’s really no bother