1. Tap search button on the bottom.

  2. Search like normal for communities with the search term. Results returned like normal.

  3. Clicking the unfilled heart (to subscribe) results in the error presented in the attached screenshot.

  4. The back button (Android) doesn’t work. App must be force-closed.

  5. The subscribing action was successful; discovered on reboot.

  6. Repeating the steps, but instead of the unfilled heart, clicking on the community successfully navigates to the community.

  7. This didn’t happen before.

  8. I might be one update behind current as of Mar 18

  • @[email protected]
    92 months ago

    localhost is an injection attack of some kind so you obviously have a MTM that is located somewhere in Botswana. localhost malware was first used by the Kremlin in the 1940’s, but they traded it away for their first nukes. It usually doesn’t cause too many problems, but it is likely the cause of your browser history being loaded down with furry porn urls.

    Just to be sure, format your drive, wipe your phone and also be sure to tell your neighbors to do the same since it can piggyback the ULF spectrum on your WiFi so it’s virtually undetectable to anyone within about a 10 mile radius.

    That’ll be $199.99 for the tech support, please.

  • @otpOP
    42 months ago
    Tap for spoiler
    1. The error doesn’t happen in the updated version of the app…lol!

    Glad to see spoiler tags! Great update!

      • @otpOP
        32 months ago

        I do all my updates manually, and usually every night or so. Figured I’d check after updating, but I didn’t know how to save the post in progress, so I posted it before updating. Sorry! Haha